There Is No Formula

Katie Herzig on stage This is a little bold, but I believe it's an absolute truth: If anyone tells you that you need to do a certain set of things in order to be successful in music, there is a 99.9% chance that they are dead wrong. There isn't one formula, there are a million. And yours is yours alone. Because it is based on the brand you are trying to create, who your audience is, what you are & ARE NOT good at and what kind of career you are trying to build. Put simply, you do not HAVE to blog. You do not HAVE to do Twitter. You absolutely do not HAVE to share the intimate details of your everyday life. Jack White does it differently than Taylor Swift who does it differently than Tim McGraw who does it differently than Dave Barnes or Katie Herzig (in photo above). Or The Avett Brothers. Or Beyonce. Or Alicia Keys. Or The Black Keys, for that matter. And that's because they have different priorities, different music and different audiences. So they each should – and do – have a different plan.

You want a formula? Create your own or have someone help you, but here's the guide: What are your career goals? What are you good at (writing? funny videos? live performance?)? Where are your boundaries? Who is your audience? What do they care about? And how can you reach them? Find the answer to those questions and build your own program based on a few general "best practices" type of principals (have your music on MySpace so people can get an idea about the music if they are looking for it, for instance). And now work your ass off. And never forget that your first priority should be making great music. Forget that and the rest of it doesn't matter.