The New Model Is Not Your Problem

Whether you are in music, art or pretty much any industry, all the magazines and "experts" are talking about the "new model" and how the "old model is dead." Guess what? The old model didn't work that well for most folks anyway. Yes, social media is out there. And there are a million options for websites, PR, distribution, and everything else. The bad news: No one has built the new model yet. Worse news: One model may not be the new model. But here's the good news. Awesome, actually. It's not your problem. Because you don't have to figure out the new model. You just have to figure out YOUR model. The model that gets you and your products in front of your customers and gets them to open their wallets. The one that plays to your strengths and manages against your weaknesses. So maybe that's three social networks, a website and a demo video on YouTube. And maybe it's four events a year and a monthly email newsletter. Or maybe it's a corporate sponsorship and giving your product away. The point is that it doesn't matter what your model is as long as it works for you. Let me repeat that last point: It doesn't matter what your model is as long as it works for you.

And oh yeah, you don't have to get it perfect out of the box. Try some things. And if they don't work, drop them. And if they do work, invest more time, energy and money into them. Keep tweaking. Eventually, you'll find a mix that works for you. Or you'll find out that you don't have a viable business and you need to do something else. Either way, you are one step closer to getting it right.