5 Things Musicians Are Too Worried About

  1. Album title. Stop fretting over what people will think about the title. Why? Because people WON'T think about it.
  2. Album artwork. Does it make a difference? Yes. Will you ever be totally happy with it? No. Album covers are marketing, not personal expression - that's what your music is for. So give it some thought, hire a great designer and pull the trigger.
  3. Release date. Unless you are a big artist on a major label with a massive push behind them, the release date is just the beginning. It's the most anti-climatic day of your career.
  4. Press quotes. Quotes are useful, don't get me wrong. But they aren't an end in themselves. They don't sell tickets or CDs.
  5. Everyone else's opinions. Opinions are free. And most of the time, that reflects their real value – nada. If someone is an expert, listen to them. Otherwise, it's just more random stuff to make you question your own judgement. Find a core team of three or four people to make those calls with you. Committees are a horrible way to make decisions, particularly creative ones.