Why Do People Like You?

If you have fans now -- a few or a few hundred thousand -- a good question to ask yourself is, "Why do those people like me?" What’s the connection? Because if you find that, chances are you've found the key to getting more fans. Chip and Dan Heath talk about it in their (awesome) book "Switch": Look for successes and repeat them. It really is that simple. So if you are Diane Birch and people like you because your old-school R&B-influenced pop is beautiful and uplifting, then maybe thumping dance remixes aren't your best shot to convert new folks. I'm not saying you should be one-dimensional, I'm just saying lead with your strong stuff. And once you win them over, then you can spread your wings a bit. We love the music we love because it fills some very personal human need for us -- be it romance, humor, inspiration or the need to shake our asses from time to time. Find out what need your filling for your current fans and you'll find your answer.