Shut Up And Do It

If you check the date on my last post before this one, you'll see it's been a while. A loooooong while. Why? Because, like everyone else, the longer I wait to do a new post, the bigger deal it seems like it's going to be to get started again. But it isn't. In fact, I'm determined that this post you're reading now will be written, posted, added to Facebook and Twitter in less than five minutes. Content—whether it is writing, video, photos or anything else—is the conversation that keeps your relationship alive with your audience. Stop posting and they will eventually stop waiting. And stop caring.

So, take a photo, shoot a video on your webcam, do something today. Something quick and simple. It doesn't have to change the world, it just has to break the momentum (or lack thereof). Go. Now. And thanks for still checking out the blog. I'll try to do better.