You Are A Bad Standard

Let's cut the to chase. Nobody is going to care as much as you do about your career. They won't work as hard. They won't do it the way you would. Why? Because they can't. They aren't you. And you shouldn't expect them to be. Good people will be there. And they'll care. They'll work hard and get emotional and lose sleep and go out on limbs for you. But when it's all said and done, their life doesn't depend on it the way yours does. So if your biggest complaint about your publicist or manager or agent is that they don't care as much as you or work as hard as you or do it the way you would do it, get over it. It's a bad standard to hold people to. It means that you are either A) chronically dissatisfied with the people around you or B) trying to do it all yourself and, eventually, failing. Either way, you're unhappy and your career can't grow. And that isn't just bad for your career, it's a crappy way to live your life.