eBooks & Magazines. Has anyone in publishing been paying any attention at all for the past decade?

I've been looking into ebooks lately. It's interesting to me personally because I'd love to read more, but i just don't do it. And when technology or a gadget is involved, I tend to give it more attention (stupid, but honest). But it's also fascinating to see the category take off like it is with no real defined standards regarding formats, features, pricing, etc. I know, I know, this is the race to see who wins. But it's all happening just like it did in music and like it's happening now in movies and television. But the publishing industry doesn't seem to want to learn anything from the idiots in the music business and movie studios who tried to fight the technology. Guess what, digital is here. Connectivity and easy sharing is here. You have three options: 1. Try to control it with DRM and limiting access in order to hang onto your traditional business model. 2. Try to slowly evolve your model so when the tidal wave truly hits, you can stay afloat. 3. Blow it up and pioneer the next model.

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