5 Things To Know About BigHowdy:

  1. We assume you are already busy and don’t need us to add 1,000 things to your to do list. We help you prioritize so you can focus on the important stuff and forget about the stuff that is nice, but not necessary.

  2. We start wherever you already are. If you previously had an agency, but now you don’t, then you probably have a lot of great resources and assets we can build on. If not, then let’s start from scratch and get moving ASAP. The first thing we do is figure out what you have and whether it is or isn’t working.

  3. We know you aren’t made of money. We’re good at what we do and earn our fees. You’ve gotta pay for quality and we’re not cheap. But we understand that you have budgets and wishing you had an extra $10k for marketing this year doesn’t mean you do. We ask before we spend your budget. And we work with our clients to let them spend the money on the things that are important to them and save money on the extras. By giving choices like “How about two ideas to pick from instead of five?” or “Pre-pay and save 7% on your project,” we help clients keep their costs in check.

  4. We’re trying to make you look smart, not make ourselves look clever. We hope we have a chance to do work that becomes exhibit #1 in our portfolio. But we’re just as excited and proud when we help you nail that closing PowerPoint slide or find an insight that your sales team says will turn prospects into customers.

  5. We’re not assholes. And we’re not looking to work with any. Life is too short for posturing and being miserable. We check our egos at the door and try to have fun doing what we do. Part of that is working with clients we enjoy spending time with and that challenge us then let us do our jobs. Does that sound like you?